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Engagement Agreement

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To minimize the possibility of a misunderstanding between us, I am setting forth pertinent information about the services BTS Tax LLC dba Barbara’s Tax Service will perform for you.  You have engaged BTS Tax LLC, dba Barbara’s Tax Service (BTS) to prepare one or more of the following items:

  • Form 1040, Federal Individual Income Tax Return
  • Income tax returns for one or more states, if applicable

It is the client’s responsibility to provide BTS with all the information required to complete their tax return(s).  It is further understood that:

  • Client will provide true, correct, and complete information necessary to complete the tax return to BTS and attests to the accuracy and completeness of said information.
  • Client will retain receipts, providing BTS with a summary of income and deductions.  Exceptions include W-2s, 1099s, 1095s, and other official tax documents, as well as items for which client has a question.  Additional fees, billed at a rate of $100 per hour, may be charged if BTS is required to add your receipts, otherwise known as the “Shoebox Fee”.
  • Taxing authorities may examine the return(s) for any reason or for no reason, so all documentation, receipts, and records should be retained to support the information provided to BTS for at least four years.
  • BTS will not audit or otherwise verify any information. BTS is not responsible for disallowed deductions, or the inclusion or additional unreported income or any resulting taxes, penalties or interest. 
  • Client should contact BTS immediately upon receipt of any notice from the IRS or state agency which changes the tax return.  If changes proposed by the taxing authority are deemed valid and:
    • the result of a preparer error, Client is responsible for additional tax that may be due. Any penalties assumed by BTS may be offered in part or in full in the form of a credit toward future work.
    • The result of client error or omission, Client is responsible for additional taxes, penalties, or interest that may be due.
  • Client should contact BTS immediately if additional information surfaces that will lead to a change in the return. If such change is extensive or results in an amended return, additional preparation fees may be charged.
  • BTS will not automatically file any tax return(s) without a specific request from client.  No returns will be released or filed until all fees owed BTS are paid in full.

RECORD RETENTION In accordance with BTS current document retention policy, we will retain our work papers and copies of client tax records for a period of four years.  BTS provides a paper copy of the depreciation schedules and tax returns.  Additional copies are available for $25.00 per year, per return.  Physical deterioration or catastrophic events may shorten the term during which records will be available.  All work papers prepared by BTS shall remain the property of Barbara’s Tax Service.

FEES No tax return will be electronically filed or released until all bills are paid in full.  All fees are due upon completion of the tax return.  New customers may be required to provide a retainer before any work is started.  Payment may be made online by credit card, electronic check, or mailed by check. Any card payments are subject to a 2.5% courtesy fee. Short term payment plans, with restrictions, may be available for an additional convenience fee.  Please contact BTS for further information. Quotes are based on information supplied by client.  If work is more extensive than initially estimated, additional fees may be charged.  In that event, BTS will notify client before proceeding with the project.

TERMINATION OF THE ENGAGEMENT BTS’ services will be concluded upon delivery of ALL items on page one of this contract or one (1) year from the date of this Engagement Agreement, whichever comes sooner.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and look forward to a continuing, mutually satisfying relationship.

Very truly yours,

Barbara Boyd EA