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Nothing stays the same.  Is your business growing, profits increasing?  Are you finally reaching those financial goals only to find your taxes are eating your profits at an alarming rate?  

Or does your business offer a service that leaves you vulnerable to litigation?

You may need to change the status of your business.  Whether you need to set up an LLC for asset protection or elect Subchapter S tax treatment to reduce your tax liability, we can take care of you.  

We cannot recommend one business entity type over another, that would be practicing law without a license! We can, however, show you how different types of entities are taxed. Depending on your business profits, you may pay less by using certain strategies.

When BTS Tax handles your business service needs, we monitor your progress and let you know when making changes could result in lowering your tax bill.

Just remember: This is not available retroactively! So do not wait. If your business is suddenly increasing, contact me immediately!